The Weekly Standard discovers that graphic design is out to get us. Again.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen periodic outbreaks of hysteria amongst our right wing brethren as they keep identifying secret Muslim messaging hidden inside logos and building shapes. Usually these subversive graphics are connected to our Muslim Kenyan president. Like here from the intellectual giants at Free Republic.

Here we go again. The Weekly Standard (how ya’ doin’ Fred Barnes? Cut back on the caffeine yet?) has found an anti-Israel ‘message’ within a graphic on the home page  of the Palestinian Observer Mission, where a small square on a map of the world serves to outline the entire Middle East. That provoked this headline.

Palestinian Logo Suggests Elimination of Israel

This graphic, according to them, doesn’t acknowledge that Israel is not Arab. Or something. Scared yet?

2 responses to “The Weekly Standard discovers that graphic design is out to get us. Again.

  1. In other breaking news from The Land of The Stupid: all words beginning in “mus” should be barred from the English language as they have muslim tendencies. Say goodbye to: mustard, muse, mush, must, musk, muss, music, mushroom, museum, muscatel … you get the idea. Luckily “mor” is not in jeopardy (saved by having only one “o”) and we can still call these people morons.


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