Don’t forget. Some republican luminaries are talking tonight.

From Orlando, tonight at 9:00 pm on FOX News.  Remember to  put the children to bed and hide all weapons. Then you can pop the popcorn.

29 responses to “Don’t forget. Some republican luminaries are talking tonight.

  1. Hi Moe,

    I don’t mean to be picking nits here, but rather than “talking” wouldn’t blathering have been more accurate?

    Inquiring minds just gotta know.



  2. pontification also fits…..


  3. They should all pile out of a clown car before these debates. Fall out of the Mini and immediately Perry steps on a rake. Perry careens into Bachmann who is carrying a bucket of whitewash. Cue Cain simultaneously clobbering Romney and Huntsman with a rotating ladder…


    • Hi David, welcome. I plan to watch the debate and I shall keep that image in my mind as the giants of FOX News launch the festivities. (although, to be honest, I can’t imagine they’d do a worse job than Wolff Blitzer)


  4. Oh boy, whose death are they gonna root for tonight? Can’t wait to hear it!


  5. Ms. Holland,

    You realize that there is a better than even chance that someone on that stage will be our next President ?


  6. Well, that is a nightmare that will have me wake up screaming.

    If that happens we will be well on our way to being a totalitarian country and we can kiss our personal freedoms goodbye.


  7. That’s some low wattage illumination.


  8. Jon R.

    ” If that happens we will be well on our way to being a totalitarian country and we can kiss our personal freedoms goodbye. ”

    It cannot be worse than now. You do not have the right of free speech now.


    • I don’t?

      I’ve been blogging myself into a stupor for almost two years now and no one has tried to stop me. I’ve called Rick Scott a prick with ears and I apparently just did it again. No one said a word.

      The Tea Baggers have spouted some of the most hate filled, seditious ramblings imaginable and they are still spouting.

      Maybe you should clarify the right of free speech.


  9. Jon R.

    You are right I was unclear. I should have said that you and people who agree with you have free speech as a right. People who disagree with you on certain subjects get punished . Now if I said I believed that homosexuality was wrong, you no doubt would say I was wrong. Would you say that I should be punished for saying it ?


    • Alan,

      I disagree with the the premise that homosexuality is wrong, but you have the right to express that opinion. Should you be punished for offering that opinion? Emphatically – NO!

      I served my country in two wars with the possibly delusion fantasy that I was some how defending our way of life – our Constitution.

      If someone attempts to punish you for expressing your opinion – regardless of whether I agree with it – let me know. I will stand beside you and maybe the two of us can whip their dumb asses.


  10. Jon R.

    I did not make the statement about homosexuality. I was actually thinking about a case in Texas, where a high school student made the remark and was punished by the school. Again, this is not about the validity of the statement, only the right to make it. I am glad you are not hypocritical and thank you for your honest answer .


    • Well, hell – you should have referenced Texas right up front. That’s a whole different story. They seem to be alright with Perry’s idea of seceding from the union – and the Constitution.

      If you are planning on expressing an opinion in Texas anytime soon I will still stand with you, but I think both of us need to be packing some heat.

      There seems to be a little tad of irrational thinking going on out there. I may be going too far by suggesting “thinking” at all, but I am feeling generous tonight.


  11. Jon R,

    Hey calm down. I assume you are liberal since you seem hostile to everyone that that I really like. Assuming you are liberal, you are really eager to be ” packing some heat.”.

    I’m hardcore NRA and the only time I have a gun with me is when I am target shooting or walking my rifle in the woods pretending that my game commission actually has any wildlife in the state of Pennsylvania . I believe those dead deer all over our roads are secretly brought in at night from jersey.

    The Texas story had me steamed, but I don’t blame their Governor . Just what is it about Governor Perry that steams you? Other than he could take Obama’s job ? That seems to be his real crime .


    • Actually, I only feel hostility to those who are willing to do anything to bring down Obama even if it means destroying the country in the process.

      I thought I was being facetious with the “packing heat” comment, but then again with all those pro-life pistol packers skulking around one can’t be too careful. One of them could go all Loughner on you in the blink of an eye.

      What steams me about Perry? Nothing “steams” me about Perry. He is just a walking, talking joke who would be worse for America than that other disaster from Texas. For one thing, he is a Bush clone, i.e. an idiot. His position on Social Security and Medicare doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies. His idea of seceding from the union would be laughable if it wasn’t so irrational and illegal.

      That said, I hope he gets the nomination. Obama has a better chance of whipping Perry than he does with Romney.


  12. I watched the first half of the debate, and I found it rather alarming. Several candidates wanted to eliminate key goverment offices, such as the EPA or the Department of Education. Even Gary Johnson, who I looked to as a moderate voice, wanted to do so. What a let-down!

    Santorum’s callous response to the soldier’s question about DADT, combined with the audience’s boos, was the low point of the night. Typical Santorum.


  13. Jon R.

    Governor Perry’s talk of secession, as far as I believe, was just extreme venting over the crap Washington DC keeps heaping on all of the States .

    I am anti Abortion, but I agree with you that there are some pro life nuts out there with guns . I am not one of them .

    ” about Perry. He is just a walking, talking joke who would be worse for America than that other disaster from Texas. ”

    Governor Perry has a track record on jobs in Texas. That is the number one issue in the country . He sure can’t be worse than President Obama in understanding what the private sector wants to create jobs . He has a pro business outlook , that is opposite of what President Obama believes. He has also gone out of his way to screw over the trial lawyers in Texas. If he proves he can beat Obama, I don’t care about anything else .


    • The “Texas Miracle” is based on a tremendous number of poverty level jobs. Let’s not forget also that it would not have been possible at all without stimulus money.

      Perry is also a theocrat. That, coupled with his total ignorance of foreign policy and diplomacy should frighten the feces out of anyone. Another swaggering, stumbling tent preacher from Texas…charming. How long do you think it would be before he launched his own crusade to the Holy Land? Maybe he could stage another prayerapalooza on the Lawn prior to? Of course, he wouldn’t be doing that as a government employee or anything, shucks no, just using all that security and the publicity.

      I am thankful that the conservative press is starting to see him for the clown that he is. Not that they care that he IS a clown, but his clownishness is too visible too early in the game.


  14. Jon R,

    ” Whatever. ”

    That’s the best you got ? Drop back 10 and punt .


  15. That’s not all I have, but truthfully this thread is beginning to bore the crap out of me. I can’t sway your opinion and you won’t sway mine.

    To put Perry to rest, though, allow me to mention this – Herman Cain, 37.1%
    Rick Perry, 15.4% (Florida straw poll P5).

    Bonjour, y’all.


  16. Jon R,

    I like Herman Cain a lot . Other than this straw poll, he has not shown he can draw enough support to win , It would be interesting if he moves up and I wonder what mean things you guys will say about him . Will he be crazy or stupid ?


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