What are you doing tonight? Troy Davis will be dying. Right on schedule.

In front of the Georgia State House

The State of Georgia will finish off Troy Davis tonight. The Pope asked nicely and so did a former President and former FBI Director Louis Free,  a large number of former Federal prosecutors and Justice Department lawyers and, um, Europe. But.

In our country, you can’t be found guilty if there’s reasonable doubt, but you can be executed.

UPDATE: 7:21 Sara Totonchi of the Southern Center for Human Rights confirms the prison has temporarily delayed the execution while awaiting word from the U.S. Supreme Court on whether they can proceed with the execution tonight.

FINAL UPDATE: 10:57 State Attorney Generals office notifies MacPhail’s mother Anneliese “[Davis] is on the gurney, the needle is in.”

h/t Atlanta Journal Constitution

9 responses to “What are you doing tonight? Troy Davis will be dying. Right on schedule.

  1. This should not be happening. Its outrageous and disgusting. I’ve always been against capital punishment, and always will be.


  2. Ms. Holland,

    Are you saying this guy is innocent ?




    • Remember that we did it once? And then we brought it back. I think this country needs a new slogan. How about: “America, moving backward one century at a time”


  4. I live in the area where the first victims’ family lives, so coverage of this circus has been heavy. Witnessing first hand the vile and frightening attitudes expressed by low information, low education persons regarding this case has been difficult in the extreme. These white, Christian conservatives are nothing more than a bloodthirsty mob. There are many in this area who weep for a man they never knew who was not given the benefit of a fair trial (a fair trial does not take place when the witnesses lie). However, there are so many more who just wanted a corpse. They just wanted to kill vicariously and with impunity through the state. Troy Davis did not have the benefit of a Republican candidate who needed some heat taken off. Eh, Mr. Scalia?


    • It’s awful watching people show bloodlust. Like when the debate audience cheered a few weeks ago for Perry’s 234 executions. The entire Republican party seems to be embracing ignorance as a badge of honor.


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