Paul Simon at ground zero

I missed this. At the 9/11 Memorial ceremonies, Paul Simon played The Sounds of Silence. I find it very moving.

Simon was born, raised and lives in Manhattan. The grief is still carved into his face.

5 responses to “Paul Simon at ground zero

  1. It was really a beautiful tribute. So appropriate and moving.
    BTW I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Go to my blog post “Lucky me” for more information. I really do enjoy your writing. I wish you continued success on this blog. I had an increase in traffic on my blog after I got this. It is always more fun to write when you know somebody will read your work and have a conversation with you about it.


    • Thanks Rita! I’m honored – left a comment at your place saying the same thing in more depth!

      I also left a note about your name/link here being broken. And now looking below I see Sherry’s is too. If you can’t fix it at your end, let me know – can’t imagine how it would be at my end, but then all things are possible. Is not Rick Perry running for president?


  2. I did just happen to hit the right station at the right time and saw it. It was lovely as always. One of my very favorite songs. Wish that Garfunkle had been there to sing it with him. Those were the days.


    • I remember the reunion concert in Central Park in ’84. It was simply amazing.

      (I know, ‘Stylin’ in three layers’ is still on my list. As a world class procrastinator my lists are rather long, but I do eventually get to everything!)


  3. I think I fixed the link. For Sherry: on the Dashboard left sidebar under “Profile” “Personal Setting” “Account Details” “Website” it was listed as Moe said. I added the part to complete the link. Hope it works. Thank you Moe for letting me know.


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