Breitbart’s half-inch weiner

Little comment is required on this, although volumes could be written.

  • Andrew Breitbart really, really wants violent civil war in America.
  • The projection of his own hatred, violent impulses, and sense of inferiority is unambiguous.  This guy calling others bullies and thugs is bizarre.
  • Katie Couric?

9 responses to “Breitbart’s half-inch weiner

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  2. I think you were generous with the measurement.


  3. I don’t get where this guy wants violent civil war .


    • In his rant about being the long-suffering victim of savage Twitter attacks (“they call me gay!”), claiming he wants the left to start the war by firing the first shot, saying “we outnumber them and we have the guns”, asserting high level military leaders have told him they’ve got his back, declaring “I’m just waiting” and “bring it on”…this guy obviously wants to participate in a right vs. left shooting war.

      Then again, maybe he drank just a little too much Mountain Dew that day 🙂


  4. 1/2 inch? This guy is a dick from head to toe!


  5. Breitbart used to be liberal – my theory is the kewl kids didn’t invite him into the inner clubhouse and his feelings got hurt.


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