Let’s not pretend anything else. With them it’s always about teh sex

Conservative Christians recoil at anything that touches – no matter how peripherally – on the assumption that females will someday have sex, and that’s only okay when making more little Christians. (Certainly, it’s never okay if the gals dare to enjoy teh sex.)

That, not government overreach, is at the core of the kefuffle over the HPV virus vaccine. That is what it’s really about. That is what it’s always about.

Let us note that Bachmann, who started the silly argument, is an evangelical Dominionist Christian. Those folks aren’t big on women’s rights.

9 responses to “Let’s not pretend anything else. With them it’s always about teh sex

  1. All this talk about “enslavement” and “bondage” – she really has some cluttered thinking in there. No wonder her gaze gets a bit fixated at times. And her words misses reality by an inch or two once in a while.

    Mix that with images of her own daughters and sinful passions – better go repent and clench your teeth.


  2. This post would be fresh meat to My Name is Jack over at the Dog…..


  3. You’re right. If they can’t keep girls scared to death, what weapons do they have?

    Vaccines, birth control access, control over one’s own body… big no no’s.


  4. What’s the deal with “teh”? Intentional tyops? Why?


    • Blogging slang. Used instead of ‘the’ when the subject related to the groundless fears and moral hypocrisy of the irght, especially the religious right. Thus ‘teh gay’, ‘teh sex’ etc.

      (Now you’re an insider!)


  5. Way too “inside”. I need a de-coder ring. Got one?


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