“Texas was having a 100-year drought, so Rick Perry asked people to pray.  Now Texas is on fire – that
tells us a lot about the power of prayer.”

                                             –  Bill Maher, Tonight Show

11 responses to “Uh-huh.

  1. Ah, but who did they pray to?


  2. Be careful for what you wish for, as it may backfire on you. And so far it looks like it is.


  3. None save Pat Robertson can comprehend the meaning of this manifestation of the Almighty’s flaming wrath…


  4. Funny quote on something NOT funny….

    The only good thing is in about 7 years after the fires the forest’s will actually be healthier….


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  6. As Jon Stewart says. . . BOOM!!!


  7. :: snickers ::

    I’m not belittling the hardships of people living in Texas — I’m belittling the Response rally’s superstition.


  8. Someone must have been praying to the Pagan gods. Pissed jebus off and look what you get…

    How about adding the funding back to the fire department and other essential public services? That would be better than eleventy!!1! prayer rallies.


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