And thus is born the new Flat Earth Society

12 responses to “And thus is born the new Flat Earth Society

  1. your conservative pal

    Gee, if brevity is the soul of wit, this is the wittiest blog post in the history of the internet! Or is this a misplaced tweet? 🙂


  2. I started watching the Tea Party debate today – but it’s too.. depressing. The audience don’t give a fuck. Cut Department of Education!!! YEEEAAAAH!!!!!
    Perry: Roll back the unfunded Bush Prescr. Drugs plan? NO!!! We have to eliminate the $17tr debt!!!!!
    Perry: Soc.sec is a Ponzi Scheme and fraud – now STOP scaring seniors ROMNEY!!! YEEEEEEAH!!!!!!!!!

    It’s bizarro world.


  3. Good point. The show no judgement. They did something similar giving the President and a Rep. Bachman sort of equal weight on some speech not so long ago. The thinking might be to provide a “center” with all sides represented, but they give legitimacy to anti-democracy fringes. You could sort of say these blood-thirsty crowds hurt their own cause – driving the middle towards the left, but the danger is that the opposite will happen. People think it’s ok to yell for the death of others- and the movement grows.

    Pres. Hindenburg appointed Hitler the coalition leader in 32 to “calm the beast”. Didn’t work that well.


    • That Bachmann ‘response’ to the Obama speech was even worse! They’ve no sense of proportion at all. Also, in the first debate (not CNN – I think that was MSNBC/Politico), Bachmann announced from her position in the line up on stage, that she was running and had just filed her papers. Which means that she was invited into the debate as a non-candidate. What?


      • Come to think of it – maybe that’s why John King didn’t respond to her at all after her gracious announcement so “he could hear it first”. He was probably embarrassed.

        And Chris Matthews pushed Ed Rollins really hard this week – if he thought she would be a good President of the United States and a good Commander in Chief.
        “She would evolve” Ed said.


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