Verizon sucks.

UPDATE: Wow. A comment has popped up in the thread below from a CSR at Verizon. It’s real. This is disturbing on many levels. It may be simply a super powerful google-alert type thingee they have running, but still . . . a bit spooky. Click through the comments and go look.

Okay, this morning I decide to check the history of minutes I’ve used on my cell phone. I need a simple summary of usage over many months. I don’t have any paper bills here, so I headed to Verizon dot com. I clicked and clicked around a very dense site (obviously dedicated to sales, not service), and did a number of searches (useless). At the same time, I repeatedly tried to log into my own account – and repeatedly failed.  Finally I clicked LIVE CHAT and told ‘Robert’ that I couldn’t log in and was only trying to do so in order to find info on my account.

The sweet young thing hiding behind the name Robert informed me that I was on the wrong website – go to Verizonwireless dot com said Robert. I refrain from any comment on that. (This phone/cable/internet company is unaware of ‘re-direct’.)

So I did as Robert said. And almost got into my account. Somehow though, my password is now unknown to them – doesn’t match their records dontchaknow. I requested a new one and finally succeeded in getting in.

I’ve now been at this for an hour.

Aha, I say to no one, now I can check my history of usage! Heh. This site is even denser than the first and it too is dedicated to selling me some kind of additional service and only gives up actual info reluctantly. But the historical info I sought would not be given up; no linkee anywhere. I went to forums. No help.

I have sent an email, a response to which – they are proud to announce ‘should arrive within 24 hours’. Fancy that.

I now officially hate Verizon. Next up: cancel contract. Find new service provider.

Reminds me  of how brilliant the private sector is and how government can’t do anything right.

23 responses to “Verizon sucks.

  1. I’ve hated Verizon for a very long time, I’m a Sprint man myself.


  2. Verizon used to be the good guy compared to AT&T. Now, toss up, but the AT&T office on the by-pass has really good techies. Check them out.


  3. I’ve got Verizon only because they’ve got the best coverage the places where I use my phone. My hubby has AT&T and complains constantly about dropped calls & slow downloads. My brother has Sprint and outside of major cities, he often can’t get a signal at all.

    To find your details on the Verizon Wireless website, you need to click on “run account analysis”, then expand where it says “minutes usage” under the heading “My plan”. That will give you your last 3 months. If you want to go back further than that, you’ll need to bring up previous bills individually.


    • Hey Crimson, welcome.
      I forgot about the coverage part – that is why I chose Verizon in the first place. I did that ‘run analysis’ thing and didn’t find a way to go further in. But I’ll try again . . . thanks!


  4. P.S. My parents (who are Democrats) have their cell phones through CREDO Mobile because it helps to go fund liberal causes:

    CREDO runs on the Sprint network, however, so the coverage is not as good as Verizon’s.


  5. When I saw the headline I thought it was going to be because of their terrible employment practices. Agree with the above, the choice is between ethics and good coverage, unfortunately, unless you live in a major coastal metro.



    • I love when I hear someone singing the praises of competition and the free market. Competition? I have one, ONE, cable choice here. And they can charge whatever they want and customer service is very shaky.


  6. Verizon sucks, Comcast is evil, VirginMobile is stupid, AT&T is useless. Just my take.


  7. When I get a new iPhone …….

    I’ll be heading over to AT&T….

    This computer I’m on is coming to you thru Verizon servoice…
    I learned a long time ago…
    Use DIFFERNT Services for Differnt things….

    And ojmo is right…
    Service is thing of the past…
    It went out the door with the Economy….


  8. Me neither Moe…

    But my sons have pointed out that while I’m at work I could at least give simple answers to post comments….

    So I’ll probably get one….


    • I’ve not made up my mind. I’m not a telephone person, hate the phone actually and I’ve managed to train famly and friends to email instead of calling. So I really don’t need much unless I want something to play with!


  9. I hate to hear you encountered so many problems when trying to obtain your usage through
    I am happy you are one of the people that is interested in viewing your usage.
    You can most definitely view the usage on your line over the past 3 months. When you log in to your account that is associated with your phone number, you will see a picture of your cell phone.
    Once you are on your page, toward the bottom you will see 4 options ( Bill, Plan, Device, Options)
    select View Bill (under the Bill category), from there, go to the bottom of the page where you will click on analyze your account, click the Plus (+) sign to expand your viewing options.
    Do you need to go back further than 3 months?
    Keep in mind, you can always call us to give you these details also.

    VZW Support
    Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport


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  11. You know, they can afford to pay people to monitor the internet and do damage control, but they have to take a heavy hand to their union personnel. I have to say I’ve never had a problem with their customer service, but I really didn’t like what they did with their union issues. If I had a more ethical choice with reliable coverage, I’d take it.


  12. Actually Moe…..

    I applaud that response from Verizon IF it is sincere….
    I’ve got nothing against the checking the net…..
    And if you follow their instructions and they work…
    You got customer service thru a blog comment….

    That IS being responsive!

    (I DID point out that I have Verizon Service and I’m pleased with it…..
    I DO give credit where credit is due….
    But I’m gonna get a AT&T iPhone eventually)


    • Okay james, not a bad point. And it’s true that they’ve got the best coverage here.

      I’ve said I hate Comcast too and that when Verizon FIOS gets to my area I’m going to switch. I must admit, I’m not being very consistent!!!


  13. Here where I am, Clermont, Florida, they ONLY hire white hillbillies despite the growing hispanic & mixed professional population here, as well as the snowbirds. I tried getting a job there but I didn’t have the right skin color. The idiots that work there think that if you’re of a different skin tone you must be stupid & don’t do your research. I wanted to buy a Google Nexus for me & iphone 4s for my girl. At both places the good ‘ol boys thought that I hadn’t done my research on my supposed purchase. One place over-charged me by $100 dollars stating the Nexus cost $320!!! The other tried to tell me how the outdated adroid OS on some Pantech phone was a better purchase for $150 since they didn’t have any Nexus’ in stock. Funny. Really? A Pantech better than the new ICS OS/Nexus phone?
    I’m mad at Verizon & question their efforts towards minorities. My sales credentials & experience trumps any of those good ‘ol boys working for them but that’s ok. But that decision combined with the type of individuals that they have hired who I know for sure won’t hesitate to tell their co-workers a racist joke, & lack of any “color” at both of their stores in Clermont, Florida as well as their ignorance in thinking that they out smart me into buying into their weak sales pitches, really has me wondering about if I should support & buy Verizon products. I may start a campaign against them! Can you hear me now? I may go with T-mobile or At&t…I’ll just get me an iphone instead or a jail broken Nexus for T-mobile!


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