Somebody needs an editor

A fascinating headline from today’s NY Times:

As Perry Rises, G.O.P. Elite Look Toward Romney

We may assume then, that the Times considers those who . . .

  • believe in evolution
  • think the world is older than 6000 years
  • believe NASA and the Pentagon when they say climate change is real
  • think it’s okay to directly elect Senators
  • know that teh sex is not the base evil that leads to all the world’s other ills
  • don’t much like executing people by the hundreds
  • read books and stuff

. . . are, therefore,  ‘elites’. Okay.

12 responses to “Somebody needs an editor

  1. Yep. Being an “elite” anything used to mean something. Now it just means not being ape-shit crazy.


  2. You’re forgetting the qualifier GOP. It’s what passes for elite among them.


  3. Maybe I am reading too much into that there headline, but I took it to mean that with all the national publicity, this stump-broke cow boy from Texas is beginning to sport a woodie and the GOP elite are worried that Perry may turn it on them, so they are looking to Romney to take it in the shorts for the team.

    I might be mistook on this, though.


    • Oh you read that right. They don’t like Romney much but they’d cover his face with kisses if it would help him get the nomination.

      That was the point of the story in the Times, but the headline revealed – as Texas said above – that they used elite to mean anyone who is not nuts.


    • Just re-reading here: “take it in the shorts for the team”. You’re funny – and man oh man we need funny! 🙂


  4. I guess this makes me part of the GOP “elite.” Heaven help us…


    • We need more Seans out there calling these clowns out. Although I’m not even sure that military service has the same cred it used to – remember how Gore and Kerry’s service was turned against them (by Karl Rover, who is brilliant at that).


  5. Whatever the term “elite” means to them, I just hope they get rid of Perry somehow….he scares me.


  6. Be afraid….



  7. I watched the first part of the Tea Party debate. Actually Perry didn’t seem as crazy as I expected somehow. At least he didn’t fire a gun in the air (or into Mitt Romney) to make his point.


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