Never forget this either


Since 9/11, America has dished out a lot more than was done to us that day.

Some of the “achievements” that resulted from the 9/11 attacks include: the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children, and displacement of up to four million more, as well as strengthening Iran’s influence in the region; the murders of hundreds of innocents by drone attacks in Pakistan, destabilizing the government and triggering the rise of the Pakistani Taliban; the breakdown of the rule of law, including preventive war and detention, kidnappings and renditions, extrajudicial murders, outsourcing of torture; the normalization and popular acceptance of torture techniques that we hanged war criminals for after WWII; the massive expansion of executive power to the point the President now asserts the authority to order the killing of anyone, Americans included, anytime, anywhere in the world, without explanation or justification; the expansion of domestic government surveillance of all Americans, including logging all internet activity and monitoring of phone conversations and financial transactions; normalization and acceptance of stop-and-search, humiliating pat-downs at airports, machine gun-wielding soldiers on streets and in subways, arrests of anti-war activists; expansion of the propaganda machine used to keep the population in perpetual fear, e.g., the three Pakistanis supposedly on their way to the US yesterday to attack by car bomb.

All this is old news, but it must be remembered, too. Today’s ceremonies are an integral part of the propaganda machine, even allowing for the fact that our tears are real; the cry “never forget” is now part of the national DNA. And we won’t forget: a hundred years from now, if America still exists, 9/11 will be used as an excuse for bombing third-world countries. 9/11 has become little more than a pretext for endless war and repression.

UPDATE FROM MOE: I just came accross this graphic at Sekan’s blog, along with a related story. I think it’s a perfect compliment to Orhan’s post and adds even more perspective, so I throwing it in.

9 responses to “Never forget this either

  1. I must agree we have handled this very poorly.
    My heart goes out to all victims, here and foreign.


    • Just heard a fascinating discussion on Fareed Zacharia’s show – he had Rory Stewart, Frances Fukayama and a female Muslim academic with whom I am not familiar. They talked about just this subject – the impact of the last decade on the US and the world. If you can find it at hte CNN site (GPS show) do listen.It’s terrific, as is the whole show which also featured a long interview with Rumsfeld. (the show may not go up right away at CNN; probably won’t. Maybe youtube or hulu..


  2. Thanks for da plug Moe.
    It does go well together.


  3. Ok….
    I’ll give counterpoint…

    What about collateral damage inflected ON America FROM the 9/11 attacks?


  4. james,
    Don’t understand your point–what collateral damage? According to Wikipedia, “Collateral damage is damage that is unintended or incidental to the intended outcome.” Didn’t the hijackers intend to kill as many people as they possibly could?


  5. Yes……

    Bad choice of words…..

    I’d ask then what about the millions of American’s who Have and Will suffer from the actions of 9/11?

    Just reminding us that given the question posed here what would they think?….

    And you are right……
    ‘Didn’t the hijackers intend to kill as many people as they possibly could?’

    Please include that in the “NEVER FORGET” part……


    • [Please include that in the “NEVER FORGET” part……]

      That part was handled by the 99.9% of the population that participated in yesterday’s public display of national grief–which was the point of the post.


  6. And NO..
    I DO Not agree with EVERYTHING this country has done for the past 10 years after that day…..

    But we can NEVER go back to the way things were….


  7. If we are to talk “collateral damage” as also including the change in how Western governments treat their populances and try to keep us in a perpetual state of fear to justify what is slowly becoming totalitarianism (as Orhan stated and Moe reiterated), and we actually support them, then we are also guilty of commiting a sort of terrorist action against… ourselves.

    The West allowed the terrorists to pull off a heist of our long-boasted freedoms, because we are their biggest accomplices in that crime.


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