Someday I want to walk there

As promised, the 9/11 Memorial on the site of the World Trade Center will open tomorrow, on the Tenth Anniversary. We did something right.

6 responses to “Someday I want to walk there

  1. We did something right?

    Address that statement to the first responders who are still suffering and dying, and who are still waiting for the promised health care benefits they fought so hard for.

    Yes, the bill finally passed, but the Republicans are now demanding that these people who tried to save so many have to prove that their cancers are due to 9/11 and that they are not defrauding the government.


  2. In 2006, I visited “the site” with our high school’s “show choir”.
    It was sobering.

    After visiting the site, we stopped at the little church there, the oldest public building on Manhattan island. It’s the church where George Washington was inaugurated, I believe.

    The place was packed with tourists, and our choir got up front and sang The National Anthem (all verses)….not a dry eye in the place.
    Many tourists sobbing openly and hugging children.
    Something I’ll never forget.


  3. I’ve blogged a good bit about the political misfire w/r/t first responders and the way the media covers it.

    I don’t know. I think the whole self-serving aspect of using us as props for a photo op is so craven, and has been done so much for so long, that we’re all just kind of numb.

    If you want to get behind first responders, check out “We Are Ohio” and support “Vote No On Issue 2.” It’s the next wave of wingnut attacks on us.



    • Xavier, last night Jon Stewart did a long bit on the Monday night GOP debate. His target (as usual) was CNN. He showed their entire opening segment which looked like World Wide Wrestling. And he said, ahem, that the set looked the ‘inside of Betsy Ross’ vagina.” (He said it, not me.)

      He loves to go after fake patriotism, as if lots of flags and great music make a country.


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