Broke. My. Heart.

This is from Wednesday’s debate. There’s no need to watch the whole thing – just listen to Williams’ question and the audience’s gleeful applause about 12 seconds in. Screw schools and bridges; let’s build us some gladiator stadiums!! Yeah!

12 responses to “Broke. My. Heart.

  1. Honestly sometimes I think we get what we deserve.


  2. Jon Stewart addressed this last night on The Daily Show. He called attention to the faces in the crowd pointing out that these looked like regular folks, not a bunch of crazed, slobbering idiots.

    The blog Liberal Curmudgeon commented this morning that these are the pro-life people, but pro-life for whom?

    Republican hypocrisy truly knows no bounds.


    • It’s always been a disconnect with them: love the baby before it’s born but don’t give a damn what happens afterward. Life is precious and must be protected at all costs, but execution is fine.


  3. An how amny identify as christian? Oh, what is done in his name.


  4. :: shakes head ::


  5. That was so damned ugly, I cringed. I heard someone on NPR today comment that Perry is at his best leaning forward aggressively, going after someone or something, rather than on defense, “which is a commentary on his character.”

    I’m scared of that man. And, when you close your eyes, he sounds like George Bush.


  6. listen to Williams’ question and the audience’s gleeful applause about 12 seconds in.

    Yeah…that was ugly. I didn’t like that one bit.


  7. And then Brian Williams is accused of having a liberal bias (because the concept of error associated with death penalty is liberal??):


    • Hey jean-philippe, nice to see you. It really bothers me that the mounting evidence of the last two decades – mostly because of improved DNA testing – has had absolutely no effect on those who support capital punishment. Which says to me that any way we can get rid of a certain ‘type’ of person is just fine with them. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

      And didn’t you know – everything out of the mouth of journalists who don’t work for FOX or Nat’l Rev or Human Events or Newsmax etc etc etc is proof of liberal bias?


    • Just went to the link. SIlly, silly, silly stuff.


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