Perry isn’t doing well

My impression is he does poorly when pressed to answer questions with any specifics. Still the audience likes him; they don’t like Hunstman who is, ironically, the bravest of them because he isn’t intimidated by the base.

Oh, and I cannot abide Newt Gingrich. Never could. Pudgy face. I hate pudgy faces. Whitest man ever. And he has a little little mouth.

Ron Paul is occassionally going so libertarian that even this audience is cringing a bit.

And where is Buddy Roehmer? Stewart had him on last night and asked why he wasn’t included. Roehmer said debate rules say  a candidate has to have reached 4% in the polls. Can anyone point to a poll where either Gingrich or Santorum got there?

I’m reminded of the last debate at which Bachmann announced she was a candidate, which meant she wasn’t actually running until then. How the hell did she get into the debate? Never understood that.

UPDATE: I see David Frum agrees with me:

Just speaking personally, I was shocked and surprised at how unprofessional Perry’s debate performance was. Nervous, irritable, stuttering, floundering, he missed opportunity after opportunity.


11 responses to “Perry isn’t doing well

  1. I think Perry was playing exclusively to his base Moe….

    He’ll be happy to aim there…
    Rather than Romney aiming at the ‘electability’ place….
    You have to win the GOP primary first…
    Then get into the General Election…

    Remember this….
    You run to the right in the primary as a Republican…
    Those people come out a vote
    THEN you move to the center…..


    • I know james, I know. But it wasn’t just a matter of appealing to the base – he was genuinely ill prepared. But you’re right, they loved him. And whenever Hunstman said anything sensible or moderate he was met with ice. No applause at all. Elvis save us.


  2. Rick Perry (what did you call him? Governor Haircut? LOL) is the Koch brothers’ first choice. Surprise! The best thing about that clip is that the Kochs apparently see themselves on the ropes a lot more than I do. Maybe we are winning after all. We’ll know when we see how Rick Perry does.


  3. Did you see his latest tomfoolery about firefighters? Honestly I don’t know what it would take for progressive strategists to read the handwriting on the wall and, oh, I don’t know, ask one of us about some of this or something.

    Even sicker was the massive applause he got for being the killingest governor of all. It’s a sickness, I tell you.

    In other news, Cenk didn’t like what I wrote about him, and beefed about it on air. I’m waiting for Technorati to approve my post



    • The applause following that capital punishment answer just sickened me. And these people call themselves Christians.

      Whoaaa, on the air? So you’re crossposting at technocrati, but he saw the post at your own place?

      Impressed I am.


  4. I’m not sure where he saw the post, I posted links to it on his comment board so who knows. Bottom line, I’m not backing down until I get heard. He’s harming society, and it’s not OK. I mean if Michelle Malkin says something stupid, well, you know. But I’m not having it from top progressives.



  5. I noticed that Fred Karger and Gary Johnson were absent from the debate, which is a shame.

    “Pudgy face. I hate pudgy faces.”

    My face has gotten fuller with age, but I haven’t reached the pudgy point yet, so hopefully I am still in your good graces. 🙂


  6. I gotta say, not loving the Buddy Roemer. I lived in Louisiana when he was running for governor. I remember seeing campaign commercials that went something like, “I know I’ve been indicted for fraud 11 times, but my opponent has been indicted 8 times and convicted twice…” They said these things with straight faces. Worse yet, one of them won.


    • Xavier, I’m not a Roehmer fan either, although he’s not as scary as Perry or Santorum.

      Oh that Louisianna! You guys are truly special (and I say that from Florida!).


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