Labor Day 1981

The ILGWU made this commercial in 1981. Their jobs were suddenly leaving the country and they wanted to put up a fight. It didn’t make any difference of course. We all know there’s simply no profit in paying a decent wage to workers. And profit is all to our Ferengi overlords.

(This is a second encore reprise for this video, but today is the right day, yes? And I really love it – it’s a slice of history and perhaps a lesson for those who would blame the unemployed for not having jobs.)

20 responses to “Labor Day 1981

  1. Pretty soon Labor Day will mean the one day of the year people actually go to work instead of getting a day off.


  2. This brought tears to my eyes. I remember looking for the union label as a kid.

    I posted the link to this article on the Facebook page for “We Are Ohio.” Ohio’s firefighters are the latest union under attack. I can’t think about it anymore, it does bad things to my PTSD.


    • It’s getting so clear that there’s been a 30 year assault on working people – real wages haven’t really budged in that time. I understand that some of the changes we’ve undergone were inevitable, but what really burns me is the narrative about ‘people are lazy, they just don’t want to work’.


  3. 1981 was the beginning of Reagonomics and the war on the middle class.


    • Indeed. Our overlords used to try to disguise what they were making happen, but in the last decade they’ve stepped right out into the open. And have millions of poor suckers believing that protecting concentrated wealth means f-r-e-e-d-o-m-. Or something.

      Nice to see ya’ Ben.


  4. 1981 was the beginning of Reaganomics and the war on the middle class.


  5. Moe,

    Thanks for this: “Ferengi overlords.” That explains more about Rick Perry and his campaign than ten thousand words could.



  6. Moe,

    And by the way, my dad was a long-time member of ILGWU, so thanks for posting that video. Haven’t seen that one in a long time.



    • I had a grandfather who was a strong ‘union man’. He was so proud of it and of what they accomplished. Glad he can’t see how we’ve squashed all that/.


  7. You made the point of any who are wise enough to disagree with for you for them – There’s no profit to be made by paying these people what they demanded.

    Welcome to the Global Economy where union types have to learn that they’re not worth more than a small fraction of what they think they are because there’s plenty out there who’ll do the work far, far cheaper.


    • Globalism is what happened, no doubt about it. Changed everything.

      But what’s the point of this whole political/social/cultural/economic entity we call a country if not for the well being of its people?

      A friend just came back from Norway, that socialist paradise, where the unempoyement rate is 3% (they never went on the Euro). Literacy is 100%. Education and health care is universal. They protect their people.


      • One could counter with what’s the point of freedom and democracy if we’re going to forbid people from making a profit and keeping it.

        As for Norway – I like the place but they have their own problems stemming from their political-economic choices even though ,they have a lot of wealth per capita and a culture that hasn’t debased itself in favor of entitlements and fell-good stupidity as much as ours’ has.

        They also largely don’t accept immigrants.


        • I asked my friend if Norway was homogenous – he said he was really surprised by how diverse it is. People from all over the world – all races.

          [what’s the point of freedom and democracy if we’re going to forbid people from making a profit and keeping it.]
          Holy Elvis, jonolan, I’d put profit and wealth way down on the list of what freedom is about. You are saying they are the reason for freedom and democracy? Just wow. Just wow.


    • Unions are organizing in China right now. And don’t forget it was a union that started the movement that brought down the Soviet Union.


      • It was also unions that created the USSR, Moe. Indeed “Soviet” essentially means union in Russian idiom.

        As for Norway’s demographics – 600K or so immigrants, mostly European, and only 250K 1st generation Immigrant-Norwegians out of a population of 5 million is fairly homogenous. Of course, if you spend most of your time in Oslo or Drammen, it’s going to look like more.


  8. Unions used to equal FREE SPEECH.
    Now corporations equal free speech.
    Corporate fascism?

    “The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. ”
    — Franklin D. Roosevelt,


    • Unions never equaled Free Speech; that’s just another Leftist lie.

      As for FDR’s opinion of what fascism is – it’s FDR’s opinion; that says enough that no American would lend it credence.


      • In the 1930’s. that was the generally accepted definition. I guess that FDR led the country that defeated fascism doesn’t count? And you dont think Americans would lend credence to a word from FDR? Then why do Americans persistently, over more than half a century, rank FDR up there among our greatest presdients? Are they not ‘real Americans’?

        It is the growing inequality between societies that generate so many social pathologies. And grotesquely unequal societies are also unstable societies. – Tony Judt, “Ill Fares the Land”


  9. Ms. Holland ,

    FDR was a great President because of WW2, not so much the New Deal, which economically failed , but was a great public relations success. And why don’t you look up FDR’s scheme to expand and stack the Supreme Court ? If any Republican had tried that you would go ballistic .

    FDR’s economics were not all that fantastic. Maybe he was just a better salesman than Barak Obama. His numbers were worse.


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