The Chicago Sun Times decided to actually count

12 responses to “The Chicago Sun Times decided to actually count

  1. Although they NEVER actually go vacation like you and me….

    These guys deserve everyday they get off…..

    This is a Non-Issue for me


  2. And I am a Corna Man!…


  3. To be honest, I thought of Bush being on vacation as a good thing.


  4. I’ve heard the complaints about vacation days, and general complaints of the Obama’s living high on the hog. My reaction has usually been that Presidents generally live in a pretty high style compared to most of and isn’t this a non-issue.

    Nice to have a comparison. Just to quibble a little as I tend to.

    Do the numbers depend on if you count all those trip by Mr. Bush to his ranch. I guessing the Sean Hannity’s of the world don’t count those.


    • Bush didn’t have to go ‘vacationin’ to fancy places. Bush HAD a ranch (which he bought in 2000 to run for prez; moved back to Houston? Dalla? as soon as his term was over) to go to when he needed to get away from it all. Great visuals. Bush had hte family compound in Kennebunkport ME. Options not available to Obama. Obama owns a suburban house in a crowded neighborhood which is out of the question. So when Obama goes to any non White House/Camp David place, conservatives on FOX get their underwear all tied up in a knots.


      • Hilariously enough, I’ve heard this used as yet another argument against Obama’s vacation… “Bush went to his own ranch! Obama is spending the taxpayers’ money on *his* vacation!” In the Tea Party world, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth is a good thing….


  5. A nice little fact that right-wing critics of Obama seem to forget!


  6. Honestly I think a lot of the criticisms of the Obamas are just appeasement of the racist Tea Partiers. They can’t stand the black president and his black wife, so anything they do is outrageous.

    Why shouldn’t they go to Martha’s Vineyard? Don’t all the Washington types hang out there? They made enough money before he got elected to vacation there. I saw a progressive analyst suggesting they instead go to Myrtle Beach, a/k/a “the redneck riviera.” I wouldn’t vacation at Myrtle Beach, and I’m a nobody. Have you seen Myrtle Beach? It’s covered in strip clubs, souvenir shops and putt putt golf places with blue toilet water waterfalls. Yuck.

    Us leftish types really need to push back.


  7. Is it really like the POTUS is ever on vacation anyway? Unless someone shows me a picture of Obama and family going down Splash Mountain, pretty sure he’s always in a position to make a quick decision should the need arise while on “vacation”.


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