Sunday gasbaggery

Damn librul media. Here’s tomorrow’s lineup:

  • Face the Nation: Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman
  • Fox News Sunday: Dick Cheney
  • State of the Union: Sen. DeMint, Sen. Lieberman, Rep.
    Rogers, James Hoffa
  • This Week: DeMint
  • Meet the Press: Rep. Maxine Waters, Tom Friedman, Mark
    McKinnon, Paul Gigot, Doris Kearns Goodwin

Jim DeMint twice?  And I don’t see anyone from labor or even from one of the gajillion jobs councils.

Oh my holyrollers! Here’s an update on the schedule. I guess John McCain wasn’t available to fill out the hour.


4 responses to “Sunday gasbaggery

  1. What…….No John McCain this week?


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