But he just started his book tour!

13 responses to “Already?

  1. Looks like people ain’t buyin’ what old man Cheney is sellin’. Old Shotgun should have stuck to his partisan flame wars and hunting, ’cause he obviously ain’t gonna cut it as a writer. 😉


  2. I might have to buy this book just to mine it for quotes during the campaign season. And because he’s the purist example of a Narcissistic Personality I’ve ever encountered. I predict Dick Cheney costumes this Halloween.


    • From all reports, it is indeed all about him and how he was right and everyone else was wrong. I like that Halloween thing Nance, maybe we can all push it!


  3. The books should be sent to the disaster areas. I hear they are short on toilet paper.


  4. This is part of a marketing plan to move it up on the best seller lists. It will be at the top within a week!


  5. He is DEFINITELY more than 40% off. I’d say at least 97.5, as, for that matter are his wife and daughter Liz.


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