War news is great this week!

Yeah for us!! We’re getting those numbers up in Afghanistan; that must mean we’re trying harder, yes?  August is now the month with the very mostest US troop fatalities in The Forever War*.

But that’s not all – this new report from the Wartime Contracting Commission chronicles the $60 billion we’ve wasted over the last ten years in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A staggering $12 million squandered every day for the last 10 years — that was among the findings the Wartime Contracting Commission uncovered in more than two years of investigating war-related spending since 2001.

Good news all around and there’s even more! Today is the 329th day of the tenth year of the war in Afghanistan.  Think that’s all? Wait for it . . . . only 6 more days till the eleventh year!

Records falling everywhere in WarWorld. USA! USA! USA!

26 responses to “War news is great this week!

  1. I doubt very much you’ll hear from the Tea Party and their ilk about this.


    • Wow. Memories. And Cronkite ended every broadcast with ‘and that’s the way it was on this, the XXX-th day of the war in vietnam” or somehting like that.


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  3. We were not in Afghanistan and we were attacked by Islamic extremists. We are in Afghanistan and we are not attacked to the same extent . Seems like an investment that payed off. Fight them there , not here .


  4. The investment was good for the companies that ripped the government off. The soldiers and Marines are being attacked over there. What don’t you understand what the hell is going in this country, or you just a plain old right wing troll, who can’t see the light of day.


  5. Ms. Holland ,

    You are not an isolationist, are you ? From Pearl Harbor to 911, the lesson is always the same. You can fight em there or fight em here, but you will have to fight em .

    Don , Don, Don,

    ” What don’t you understand what the hell is going in this country, or you just a plain old right wing troll, who can’t see the light of day. ”

    What happened to the atmosphere of respect and discourse that we all agreed upon after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot ? Why are Liberals so angry all of the time ? You guys through your hero Barak Obama, President Superstar, are fighting the war you wanted. President Obama said it was the right war . Not like that bad war, Bush’s war, Iraq . In fact President Obama felt that two wars were not enough, so he got involved in Libya . That went well. If he could only find a couple more small wars, boy wouldn’t that stimulate the economy ? I think it is a much better use of taxpayer money than backing worthless green companies like Solyndra and Evergreen Solar .

    At least we do not outsource our wars to China like we outsource our solar panels .


    • Alan, Moe is correct. You do write nonsense, and your nothing but a troll who likes to hijack the thread. Get a life, and read a history book. You say I’m angry, its because asses like you who don’t make any sense. Second of all you don’t know me, as I am a mild mannered happy go lucky person.


  6. Libya didn’t seem to go so badly, actually. Seems to have gone better than that boondoggle in Iraq. I don’t understand how Obama is that much worse there.


    • I think Libya went smooth as silk and for once I think we did it right. Provide support – moral, military, financial – ‘work’ the parties (Arab League, NATO, UN etc) and stay out of the way. I think we did it just right.


  7. eurobrat ,

    Libya was pretty slow, but all in all it went well for Obama. That’s my point. He needs successes. Another little war or two that turns out well and he will be a great leader .


    I don’t hijack anything. I challenge your ideas and instead of defending them you get mad . Why ? You have the Senate and Presidency. That is a lot of power to get what you want . And you had two years of almost total power . And all you do is spout hate .


  8. Ms. Holland ,

    Pretty slo to be finished. The quality of Libyan armed forces was not good. I did not think we should have gone in , even with just air power and CIA spooks . But since we did go in , we should not have taken so long to help the rebels defeat Ghaddaffi. You go in to win or stay out . And the Socialist European NATO allies did not exactly come through smelling like roses either.

    But,, in the end it worked and no Americans died, so maybe President Obama is getting the hang of this war makin .


  9. Don,
    Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, and Rice should get,,,,,,,nay forget about it. If I say what I think you will get upset .

    eurobrat ,

    ” Considering that Libya went as smoothly as it did and that we’ve also managed to get that bin Laden guy, I actually think Obama has been much better in terms of war than W ever was. ”

    You are right . To paraphrase what the drill seargent told Private Pile in the movie Full Metal Jacket. We have finally found out what President Obama does well.


    • Alan,
      Do you like wars? Do you know anybody that have been killed in a war? I lost two of my best friends in Viet Nam, and a couple of others. War sucks, no matter if fast or slow.

      And for you to keep saying I have hatred, well I don’t. So knock the shit off!


    • Well, he’s good at making military conflicts limited and effective, as opposed to long, drawn-out, casualty-laden. And this is a bad thing, I suppose….?

      Also, let me guess. You think Bush, Cheney, Rice etc should get…a medal or something. I don’t know about Don but I, for one, am not upset about you suggesting this. It’s the reality of the world we live in. Assholes get rewarded all the time. And these guys have too, with wealth and power and so forth. Big deal.


  10. eurobrat,

    Libya was different for a lot of reasons than Iraq and Afghanistan. Not the least of which, it was much weaker and had real opposition groups . From a moral point of view Syria is a more deserving target . Syria, however is stronger and would be another Iraq. Which goes back to a point of history I’ve made on this board a few times . The weak get attacked .

    Bush & Co do not need medals and history will judge them against how things play out over the next two decades . I disagree with your vision of reality only in which undeserving guys keep getting rewarded . I hope in 2012 some of that will be corrected like it was in 2010.


  11. Despite the fact that these two wars are fiscal black holes that have ended countless lives, they will not end anytime soon. Defense-related companies and oil companies don’t want to halt the gravy train.


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