Governor Goodhair still looks like a FAIL

See this here hair? That is all I need.

Despite this month’s adulation, I continue to believe Rick Perry will implode. There’s a  video at The Daily Caller from the Joe Scarborough show. I generally find Scarborough to be a jerk and a lightweight – unless (as in this case)  his commentary fits my own narrative. Then of course, I find him to be most enlightening.

I’m not having any luck embedding the video (linkee here if you want to watch) but from his rant:

On his Wednesday “Morning Joe” program, Scarborough launched into a near  15-minute rant, complete with faux southern accent, ripping Perry  . .  . “Rick Perry, by the way — you know I called him a ‘dime store conservative’ several weeks ago,” Scarborough said. “We have these in the South. People that were Democrats . . .  and then when Republicans became in charge . . . They all  went from being liberal to conservative.

“Here is a guy that ran Al Gore’s campaign in 1988. Now I was a registered  Democrat like most people in the South, but I was always conservative. This guy  runs Al Gore’s campaign . . .

9 responses to “Governor Goodhair still looks like a FAIL

  1. It’s encouraging to hear that the conservatives may not buy into him. He’s the candidate of choice for people who thought Bush was just too smart. I’m afraid he could actually win, especially as much as they hate Romney.

    Xavier Onassis


    • Welcome Xavier. Don’t see that name around much any more – my father attended a Xavier HS and a nephew attended a Xavier College!

      I look at guys like Perry gaining in the polls and I really wish I were a turtle, so I could pull my head inside and just ignore it all. Don’t know what’s happened to us.


  2. Do you think for a minute that another Texas Governor has a shot in hell at winning? Bush got us into one hell of a mess. It is hard to fathom that americans would put another far right Texas Governor into the White House so soon.

    Do you think that the title, “Governor of Texas”, will be a liability to the Perry campaign?

    I think it will…


  3. Hope Moe…..

    I can only hope you’re right….

    This guy IS scary…..


  4. Governor GoodHair….
    Now that’s some funny shite.
    Remember the last Goodhair? Edwards, or sumpin’ like that?
    That’s right. nobody remembers him, already.


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