Ah Barry, that is just rude.

And stupid too.

The next Republican candidates’ debate has long been scheduled for September 7 in California. Today Obama’s office announced his big jobs’ speech will be the same night just before the debate – and it will be delivered to a joint session of Congress. (This is assuming John Boehner permits it – it’s his decision.)

I hope I’m reading this wrong, but I think my prez just effectively shifted the focus from the jobs issue to the politics of the freaky scheduling. And precluded any serious discussion following his speech. It’s all spectator sport now for the political class.

Let’s leave rude to the lower life forms.

UPDATE: Looks like Obama took another bullet from a gun he aimed at himself. Boehner said ‘pretty please come another time” and Barry said ‘sure, whatever works’. Makes me wonder again, what the hell kind of advice is he getting.

6 responses to “Ah Barry, that is just rude.

  1. He, he, he…..

    Now Moe if Rick Perry decided to do the same thing everyone would be saying brillant, eh?

    Everytime Obama does something political people get bent….
    Next November everyone will be complanining he and his handler’s where ‘soft’……because they didn’t play hard ball….

    Look at Gore….He wasn’t rude…
    And Bush stole the job from under his feet…


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  3. Ok…..Obama did the NEXT BEST THING!

    He pushed his speech back by ONE day!

    The GOP SC Debate will have absolutly NO legs!


  4. Ms. Holland,

    ” Looks like Obama took another bullet from a gun he aimed at himself. ”

    I am just shocked at this gun rhetoric. Remember how your side had a hissy fit about Governor Sarah Palin’s map targeting House Democrats , and then Rep Giffords was shot and it was all Sarah Palin’s fault ? Your side said that this kind of talk encouraged crazy people, like tea partyers to commit violence. Tell me you remember.?

    I’d hate for people to start thinking ‘ you ‘ were as crazy as Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman .


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