Irene was real. CNN still stupid.

Thanks to Don for this:

5 responses to “Irene was real. CNN still stupid.

  1. Exactly right. 24 hour cable news has become the ultimate disappointment. Like they COULD do real journalism. Sigh..


    • I was just thinking last night they should be required to watch BBC or PBS for a week to see how it’s done. MSNBC and FOX play their political games, but CNN was supposed to be news.

      They’re not partisan. They just do a really really bad job.


  2. CNN takes the George Carlin approach when it comes to natural disasters. They know a lot of people tune in not because they are concerned about the safety or wellbeing of those in the wake of a disaster, but because they want to see the Earth’s crust rupture during an earthquake with lava flowing down the streets of NYC while a tsunami comes ashore at the same time a hurricane bears down toppling over the Statue of Liberty. So what do they do? Take a Hurricane that most people in Florida would have walked to work in and turn it into the storm of the century so that some of those who want to see the situation I described above would tune in 24 hours a day just to watch it rain really heavily for a while.


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