Pop the popcorn!

The next GOP candidates’ debate is Sept. 7, mere days away. I can’t wait. Honest.

All of 'em and Gov. Goodhair too

8 responses to “Pop the popcorn!

  1. I think someone who’s clever should photoshop out the microphones and replace them with corndogs. 🙂 I’m looking forward to this “Clash of the Titans” too…


    • Texas, I’d rather be looking forward to a week in the south of Spain, but since that’s not to be, GOP debates have to do it for me!



  2. Pictured:
    Top Row (L to R): Very good Bush impersonation, Crazy, Clueless, Confuses corporations for people.

    Bottom Row (L to R): Grumpy Old Man, Sarah Palin Lite, Pizzaman 4 Prez, Some other dude.


  3. I CAN wait Moe!…


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