Not liking this at all

Aiming at NYC, Long Island and New England coast?

14 responses to “Not liking this at all

  1. It looks like the eye will be passing by to the west of where I live, which means I will be on the windy side.


  2. We got our water and I’m tuning up my generator…..

    I DO NOT expect trouble…..


  3. Last time a hurricane took a path similar to that we had some flooding. Last thing this area needs is another one after the flood from last summer.


  4. If so much as a tree branch falls in New York state, Pat Robertson will claim it’s God’s punishment for passing the same-sex marriage law.


  5. ojmo,

    I don’t know , but I think this is strange. A few weeks ago the President spoke and the stock market went down 600 points . After the earthquake it was up 300 . Now with a Hurricane bearing down on us the market goes up 134 points today .

    God works in mysterious ways .


  6. Ms. Holland ,
    I bet you do not know the real origins of Hurricane Irene. My wife remembered this and I looked it up .


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