I think Atrios is reading me

First I saw lottsa oldies (my kind, not his) sprinkling his site and I thought, well okay, it’s a retro thing. But! But! Cometh this post, with one of my all time favoritest videos, which I first ran (and will again and again) after Governor Nojobsisbetterthanaunionjob of Wisconsin undertook union bashing – well, that is a step too far. I don’t care how famous is the Atrios, this video is  mine, mine, mine!

4 responses to “I think Atrios is reading me

  1. And that’s you on the left, right?


  2. Hard to believe it’s 30 years old. I learned so much in crib.


    • Right. Sure. Hell, Marily Monroe died 50 years ago. JFK almost 50 years ago. And people who were kids on 9/11 are probably saying “can you beleive it’s ten years already!!!”


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