Corporations are people and must be protected; people people are on their own

We need to have our national health care conversation, but it’s become lost in the F-r-e-e-d-o-m agenda and contemplations of what the Founding Fathers would think. We have become very stupid people.

There are – or should be – only two goals:

  1. Cover everyone
  2. Do it affordably

Everything else is just noise.

9 responses to “Corporations are people and must be protected; people people are on their own

  1. The right-wingers, the corporations and above all, the insurance companies have hijacked the country, and no one seems to be doing anything about it.


  2. In 2009 when Rep. Bachhas (sp) said the single payer was off the table, that was it, and Obama let it go. Single payer in this country will never happen.


    • At least not until the whole system collapses Don. Maybe then. I weep.


    • I would not write single payer off yet. It will be tough with the corporate media doing its best to scuttle the notion as one of its favourite scare words “socialism”. What SPUH (single payer universal healthcare) will require is a mass movement that is organized outside of the the currently corrupt political process that will demand nothing less that what Moe has suggested.

      The rich have all the power until the poor realize its their country too and take to the streets and reclaim the great nation that they built.


      • I was reading this am that Perry is callilng SS unconstitutional. And I got this ugly image in my head of the homeless elderly wandering the streets. Wonder if that would do it?


        • He also says the Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, preying on the young people. This guy is a loose cannon.


          • The right loves to call SS a ponzi scheme. They seem not to understgand the diff between an illegal ‘scheme’ meant to defraud and a legal ‘plan’.


        • I’m thinking if they applied that same sort of thinking…oh say maybe to Haliburton and other corporations involved in the ‘war effort’ that are bilking the American people for billions of dollars they might get some results.

          Or, just continue to chip away at programs that benefit the majority of people in the US as they are not profitable.


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