Hello? Anybody there?

It’s my own belief that Governor Goodhair’s campaign will self-immolate and it will happen sooner rather than later. Even if he holds on until a primary and, further, even if he manages to place, he’ll have to drop out before the primary season runs its course.

Here’s something for your entertainment. Don’t you think it deserve to be viewed far and wide? Yeah, me too.

17 responses to “Hello? Anybody there?

  1. Damn! I thought for a second it was George W sitting in that chair.

    The Republicans urged this guy to run for president? He’s dumber than a soaked bag of horse shit.

    Texas education at its finest!


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  3. “I’m gonna tell ya from my own personal life, abstinence works.” Really, is there a jury out on whether or not that not having sex keeps pregnancy numbers down?


  4. Well, I say he survives for one major reason … it’s the GOP primary, not a national election. In other words, gaffs have minimal significance.

    Hi Mo … dang work has kept me away far too long! Hope all is well.


  5. I don’t agree with teaching abstinence in school (I believe moral issues and such are better left up to the parents), but how hard would it have been for him to say something along the lines of, “Yes, while it’s true that we currently have the third highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation, I believe that unfortunate statistic indicates that we could very well lead the nation if not for it..”

    Geez. I guess the obvious answer is beyond him.


    • Well, schools have been teaching ‘sex ed’ as we called it since I was in school, which as you know was a very very long time ago. It was not about moral judgemnets, it was about information And it should still be so. It’s not a moral jdgement to inform about the percentage of success in vairous methods. The parents job is to guide the kid morally. The school doens’t do that just by teaching sex ed.


      • Good point, I actually agree. But putting the information out there in an objective manner is worlds apart from what Perry and Texas are doing.

        I spent every single school year of my life in Texas (I finished school about the time Perry arrived in Austin), and not ONCE did the teachers teach sex ed subjectively. They merely laid out the facts in a non-bias way. Maybe it was just my school, or my teachers. Or, maybe Texas – and the whole nation, for that matter – is heading for REVIVAL!!! :p


  6. …If not for the funding, I mean.


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