And so does MSNBC

I am (or rather, I was) listening to Ron Reagan and an ‘expert’ talk about the observed behavior of the animals at the Washington Zoo yesterday. They are talking about how the animals ‘react’ and are ‘reacting’ and about their ‘reactions’. (Poor cable nets – they’re reaching because they were disappointed the earthquake wasn’t severe enough to warrant a week’s coverage.)

The news is not that the animals reacted to the earthquake. The news they were trying so hard to cover (and failing) was that the animals ‘anticipated’, with ‘anticipation’. Animals, vertebrate and other, can sense impending events like earthquakes and tsunamis. Most of us already know that.

Teh stupid, it still hurts!! I guess the quiet place is still there if I need it.

6 responses to “And so does MSNBC

  1. The three ring circus will be back in town, (The House, Senate and the White House), so things will be back to normal, and still nothing will get done.


  2. Some years living in Alaska and a few recent ones in San Diego (part-time) have turned me into one of those hyper-sensitized animals, too, I think. I was sitting in a motel room waiting for a shimmy to shake open the Gideon Bible in my room to the random verse that would predict whether my house in Myrtle Beach would be hit by Irene…and gawd sent Eric Cantor a 5.8. Gawd is good.


  3. I am in a hotel room in Chicago. I have access to cable for the first time in a long while. I tuned in to MSNBC, and I get this animal story. Then Rachel Maddow had multiple segments where her producers were dancing around in animal masks.

    I’m speechless.

    As we used to say in the Army: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? (WTF?)


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