Even I didn’t know I was on vacaction

I really didn’t, at least not until I noticed I actually was on vacation. But it is August after all.

So I’ll throw up an oldie and not worry about this place for a few more days. Friend Shep sent this last week. The voices, the music, the lyrics – as good as America ever produced.

8 responses to “Even I didn’t know I was on vacaction

  1. Dearest Moe,

    While I am practically orgasmic with every new pearl of wisdom you post on Whatever Works, I am not sure that, “…I’ll throw up an oldie…” was the best choice of words to describe this classic song.

    Throw up makes me throw up so I didn’t click on the video for fear that I might regurgitate a jumping fish into the high cotton growin’ around the old plantation, and that would just piss Mammy off somethin’ terrible.

    Me thinks I may need a vacation.


  2. Holy crap! I got two smiley faces. Now I am really orgas…uh, pleased and contented – in a very dignified and gentlemanly way.

    I think I shall now treat myself to a little drinkypoo in celebration.


  3. Mo are you headed to the Vineyard? I still have a lovely waterfront lot for sale that you might like to look at


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