How is this newsworthy?

A Tea Partier at an Obama ‘town hall’ gathering, asked a question – out of turn! He may have had a confrontational tone but in fact was at most just being rude. So here’s the story in a national newspaper. (Video at the link is of the follow-up conversation between Obama and the Tea Party guy.) The headline read:

Obama clashes with Tea Party member

Come on guys; there is actual news out there.

13 responses to “How is this newsworthy?

  1. Joe sixpack speaking truth (his at least) to power is a story I think.

    I likely will vote for Obama again, but I find this tour a little vexing.

    Is it being funded by his campaign or the taxpayers???

    It seems like it is pretty clearly a political trip.


  2. Contrast this event to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker being shouted down at the Wisconsin State Fair . Remember how you guys call Tea Party people violent, disrespectful and racist . The Tea Partyer did not shout down the President .


  3. Glad to have ya back!


  4. Ms. Holland ,

    ” Ummm, Alan, who you arguing with? ”

    All of you . I could not find any history of what was said on this board about the Wisconsin incident. I know your side cheered when that Governor was shouted down . I am always checking for consistency . Your side has also charged the Tea Party with all kinds of bad behavior . I am merely pointing out the contrast between the two incidents .


  5. Bruce will most likely vote for Obama again??? I have to wonder how anyone could stand four more years of the wrecking ball-in-chief. Gotta shake my head at that one.
    Nah, actually I’m LMAO at that one now. You gotta be kidding me! Holy Moly!


  6. I think this is news. It is important news. It shows just what a rude lot makes up the tea party members.

    All right I will stop being silly for a moment to point out that what this shows is that Obama’s people are not filtering the crowd. Remember when W would show up and protesters would be blocks away and the audience had to be vetted in order to get inside?

    When you do that, you do not have opposition people speaking out duirng your event. It is calm and orderly. Looks like Obama is not going to go in that direction. does that make him craftier than the Bush team? Maybe.


  7. Some real news, maybe:

    CA Dem Party May Dump Progressive Caucus for Proposing Primary Challenge to Obama


    • I’ve been hearing some Dems griping and saying ‘let’s primary him’. And I get it, but I want a Dem prez and the surest way to get a Repub elected is to primary Obama.

      How ya’ doin’ mudge? Glad you stopped by.


    • Nice to see you mudge: I’ve been hearing some Dems griping and saying ‘let’s primary him’. And I get it, but I know as do you, that the surest way to get a Repub elected is to primary Obama.


      • Of course, nobody could BEAT him in the primaries. That’s not the point. It’s just to have some issues aired that would be ignored otherwise. It’s not like any of th msm would pay attention to a “third” party. Any debate between the “two” parties these days is just good cop/bad cop.


        • Looks like I double commented above – I hate it when that happens . . .

          You’re absolutely right. Despite all the talk about left vs right, when all is said and done, the parties work for the same corporate interests.

          Until that stranglehold is broken and as long as the Court sees corps as ‘people’ and money as ‘speech’, I’m not hopeful.


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