If Tom Friedman writes another column like that, I expect a good job will open up at the NY Times

I give him one 'Friedman Unit'

He’s been reading his grandkids ‘happily ever after’ books I think.

“This is a scary economic moment. The response we need is not easy, but it is totally obvious. We need a Grand Bargain between America’s two parties — and we need it right now [oooh, such strong language]. Until you read the following news article, we’ll be stuck in a world of hurt.

“Washington (AP) — It was a news conference the likes of which the White House had never seen. President Obama stood in the East Room, flanked by the House speaker, John Boehner; the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell; the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid; and the House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi. . . 

The whole sloppy silly thing is here.

UPDATE: The inimitible Atrios just posted too: “All complaints should be addressed to suckonthis@tomfriedman.com.”


15 responses to “If Tom Friedman writes another column like that, I expect a good job will open up at the NY Times

  1. Friedman might be good with reporting Middle Eastern news, but he’s clueless when it comes to American politics and economics.


  2. Ok….Moe I’m a bit confused……



    So why should they dump him for getting paid to dream in writing?….
    I think it would be grand if Freidman’s dream scenario happened….


    • Ahhh, but james, ‘dare to dream’ is fine, but magic ponies in the sky is not fine – we can dream of what’s possible. If we dream of utopia, we’ll always be disappointed.


  3. ‘Dare to Dream’…….


  4. Friedman is so filled with his own perceived self importance he thinks what he writes has merit. He’s an egocentric idiot. His columns about the middle east have no validity…only Friedman pontificating. Now he’s writing fiction? Give me a break!


  5. Funny, I barely touched it and puked.

    In one of his books he describes going to Jerusalem as 25 yrs old, expecting something wonderful and just hating what he saw. Entering a crisis of sorts. But still, 35 years later, he keeps rambling about rainbows and how bubbly thinking will save the day. In both Washington and the Middle East.


  6. He has really overstayed his welcome.


  7. Ms. Holland ,

    I hate to agree with you, but Friedman is not worth reading . Of course I have different reasons than you.


  8. He, he, he……..Moe….. I wonder how long his contract is?


    How much the guy gets paid?


  9. I have to agree.

    The last bit about the market being up 1,000+ points after the kumbaya moment seems to be straight out of Forrest Gump’s mouth.


  10. There is a part of me that would love to see that moment happen, where politicians admit to mistakes and move on to solve them. However, that would mean actually working together. Not happening in Washington.


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