Wolf Blitzer is a fool

The man makes my teeth hurt. As here, where his obsequious acceptance of Trump treating him like lower staff, makes CNN look as foolish as this ‘anchor’  who appears to be on air 8 days a week.

9 responses to “Wolf Blitzer is a fool

  1. shortbuswonderkid

    You know Moe,
    It took Rome a lot longer than thirty years to fold. How did we get so retarded so quick?


  2. “Donald Trump is ACTUALLY on the phone” When we will that word go away. It is way over used and has joined such words as “just”, “really”, and others in making people sounds stupid. They seem to think if they use more words than necessary, their ideas are more important.


    • Yeah, like it’s the scoop of the century! to get Trump ACTUALLY, ACTUALLY! I MEAN THE REALLY REAL DONALD TRUMP! on the phone!

      Because, you know, he’s so shy.


    • I can relate to this problem as a fiction writer. As we all know, writers are told to avoid using adverbs, but I’ve found that my dialogue sounds much more realistic when I put “actuallys” and “reallys” in there. The people I know don’t speak in clean sentences, they say “like, you know, I actually do really feel that way….or something.” I wish they didn’t talk that way….it makes everybody sound like they’re in an identity crisis.


      • Many years ago, I was part of a panel for a magazine article. They taped it of course and then ran it as the ocnversation it was – mostly a Q&A and they identified each speaker. I was horrified to see my actual words transcribed. Always thought of myself as articulate but I – and the others – spoke in broken sentences, incomplete thoughts . . . it was very embarrassing.


  3. Blitzer is a jerk, and Trump, who needs to listen to his nonsense.


  4. Why on earth is Trump being asked to comment before the President’s speech? Since when is he an expert on politics all of a sudden? And “oh, the helicopter, only bad news”. What about getting bin Laden in the first place? How quickly the morons forget.


    • Astonishing to me that CNN thinks Trump is the appropriate person to comment on anythng of any importance. Or maybe they’re just playing with us cuz they can – whatever, I’ve pretty much tuned them out. Natural disasters is about all they do well.


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