Congress goes home to see the constituents in August you see . . .

From Andrew Sullivan:

20 percent of the US House of Representatives will be on tours of Israel in the next three weeks. Staggering. Of all the countries salient to US foreign policy, it’s clear who calls the shots. A tiny country of six million with barely any strategic advantage for the US since the Cold War. But to note the fact that there is an Israel lobby that has unparalleled influence in Washington is de facto anti-Semitic.

Twenty friggin-percent! Sounds like J-Street still has a lot of work to do. AIPAC is killin’ em.

5 responses to “Congress goes home to see the constituents in August you see . . .

  1. shortbuswonderkid

    What is worst of all Moe,
    If we ask why our ‘false representation’ cares more about Israel that our own country, we are labled as Anti-Semetic. The less answers I get the more ‘anti’ I become, and in truth, I’m very liberal. Far more liberal that the fascists in the House that get to go to Israel to see how our taxes are spent.


    • And don’t forget the ‘Christians’ in the house who need to go regularly to see if Israel is any closer to being ready for the Rapture. Because, you know wonderkid, for the Second Coming to happen, they first to convert all the Jews. And the ones who won’t cross the street will just have to perish cuz Jeebus said so or something. The way of their lord and all . . . .


  2. Who is paying for this trip? I thought we were out of money? And what do they have to see? They don’t have iphones or cameras or satellites? Where do I apply for my overseas trips?


  3. It is further weird to note that this Israeli lobby and its cohorts in the American government (among many others) is in the grand scheme of things further endangering Israel because it seeks to perpetuate rather than put to rest a conflict that as time goes by is becoming self-sustaining as both Israeli and Palestinian propoganda is taken as fact by the next generation.


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