FOX makes it crystal clear

But we always knew who they were, didn’t we? Screen grab from today:

13 responses to “FOX makes it crystal clear

  1. It proves what Fox is all about. Nothing further to be said.


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  3. Gawd. At least they didn’t work the word “watermelon” into the headline.


    • I wondered about that – clearly there was room for another big word.


    • Could someone please explain to me what this “watermelon” slur is supposed to mean? I really do not know this one.


      • It is an icononic slur on blacks that dates from almost a hundred years ago, when “negroes’ were often pictured with big slices of watermelon in their laps – almost always men. I have absolutely no idea what it was supposed to mean or how it started, but by the 60’s, it was well understood that it was meant to evoke the old stereotype of blacks as inferior.


        • Moe, here’s an interesting piece I found about watermelons on the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia website at Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan.


          • Thanks Texas. DID, here’s a little cut and paste from her link:

            “Since the earliest days of plantation slavery, the caricature of the dark-skinned black child, his too-red lips stretched to grotesque extremes as they opened to chomp down on watermelon, was a staple of racism’s diet. Over time, the watermelon became a symbol of the broader denigration of black people. It became part of the image perpetuated by a white culture bent upon bolstering the myth of superiority by depicting the inferior race as lazy, simple-minded pickaninnies interested only in such mindless pleasures as a slice of sweet watermelon.”


          • Thanks, everyone. I guess I need to brush up on American political slurs. 🙂


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  5. What? No mention of a “40 ounce”??
    They are doing shabby “journalism”.
    Maybe they faded to Juan Williams Struttin’ With Some Barbeque?


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