Rain, rain, come to stay . . . please

This year we had lots of rain in June and early July, which was so welcome. SW Florida has been in drought for a few years now. We worry about the integrity of the aquifers and salt intrusion. Only a good wet summer can fix things.

But now it’s stopped and there’s no sign of new rain in the seven day forecast. Lake Okeechobee is still very low, as are many of our rivers. So the worry is back. A nice mild tropical storm parked here for a few days would be perfect. But that’s not in the forecast either.

For those of us who stay in Florida through the summer, these afternoon rains are our private joy. They’re dangerous and romantic and I love them. They build in the east and slowly darken my sky. In the distance, I might hear a hint of thunder. (Is it thunder? I hope it’s thunder!) If I’m home I scurry out to the lanai. It’s exciting and the anticipation is keen; sometimes I find my fingers crossed.

If the rain does come it could be a violent squall or maybe just a polite shower. But whichever, it breaks the heat of the day; the temperature can briefly drop as much as ten degrees, promising a cooler evening to come.

But right now it doesn’t seem to want to come and it’s dry out there. I have my fingers crossed.

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