I’m actually surprised: Americans still blame Bush for our economic mess

I think it’s pretty unusual for a public attitude to survive this long, but I’m not much of a poll watcher, so perhaps you know better. Go ahead and correct me; I’ve recently realized that I apparently don’t actually know everything.

According to the newest NYT/CBS poll, 44% still blame the Bush administration for the mess.  15% blame Obama and oddly, that’s a tie with Congress, who also get 15%. I am really surprised. Good old American people seem to have their blinders off at last. The poll is here if you’re interested. It’s not particularly long and has more interesting stuff.



3 responses to “I’m actually surprised: Americans still blame Bush for our economic mess

  1. Heavens to Betsy! I’m shocked! I’m speechless! We didn’t forget about you Bushy boy!


  2. I’m not surprised. The media’s been repeating these Democratic talking points for years (except Fox of course, which has been repeating the Republican talking points, again, for years).

    Fact is unemployment is 2 percentage points higher than when Obama first took office, the number of Americans on food stamps has roughly doubled, and the national debt expanded by 55% (by the calendar year ending 2010). The debt increase would be higher if you include 2011 (I won’t because it is still an estimate).

    Yeah, yeah, I know: Bush tax cuts, blah, blah, blah. One way to get out of a deficit is by dividing a fixed pie via increased taxes. A better way is by growing the pie via economic growth. This naturally increases tax revenue and makes the environment better for everyone.

    The fact is, Obama’s has focus on the zero-sum game, has been a failure. He had two years with control of both houses of Congress, and failed to achieve any meaningful success in growing the economy. He’s had an additional 7 months with Republicans controlling one lower house of Congress. Make no mistake, he OWNS this economy now.


  3. Oh there’s no doubt that Bush was/is a weasel, but it’s ludicrous to think that Obama’s doubling down on the same stuff is doing anything but making the situation much worse.
    It is typical of liberals to blame every one else for their own failures, and regardless of who might blame Bush still for the lousy economy … Obama is going down for it …


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