Expect radio gas bags to spit and sputter today

In the Wall Street Journal‘s editoriall this morning, we find much admiration for the debt deal (natch), much damning of damn liberals (it’s their job after all), and much admiration for the Tea Party success (political porn).

But there was also this little tidbit:

The same supposedly conservative Republicans and their talk radio minders may denounce this deal as a sellout, but we’ll be charitable and assume they’ve climbed so far out on the political ledge they don’t know how to climb back without admitting they were wrong.

4 responses to “Expect radio gas bags to spit and sputter today

  1. But will TP get heaps of votes next year?
    Me thinks yes.

    “We can STOP the spending – and PROVED it last summer!!!”

    It’ll be a landslide.


  2. True.
    Maybe this has to settle a bit. It’s been very bad.


  3. I think Obama will gain on balance from the long dispute. I think it highlights that the GOP has pretty extreme views within if not the bulk of its ranks. As such, I think people may decide they like the divided government thing. I’m not altogether unhappy with it honestly.

    The wild card is if the economy gets worse, as appears possible.

    If so, I think President Bachman starts to become plausible.

    Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.


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