Jobs? Jobs? What is this jobs thing of which you speak?

Ventured into Limbaugh land in the car today, just in time to hear him launch into a passionate defense of the Tea Party die-hards.

“This is what the 2010 election was all about! Cutting spending, that was the deal!”

This stuff just writes itself.

UPDATE: In comments, Ojmo brings attention to David Frum, who listened to some of the same show. Here.

8 responses to “Jobs? Jobs? What is this jobs thing of which you speak?

  1. Relatively sane David Frum commented on Rush today too:

    I listened to about 45 minutes of the first hour of Rush Limbaugh in the car today.

    The dominant theme of the hour, repeated over and over: “You” – meaning, Limbaugh listeners – are not “losers.” It’s Obama’s who’s a “loser.”

    The word “loser” must have been repeated dozens of times, half as reassurance (that’s what you are not!), half as epithet (that’s what President Obama is!)

    The psychological interpretation of what’s going on here is almost too obvious to remark. But what I can’t decide is whether it’s more sinister or more sad.


  2. How do you drive into Limbaugh Land? My GPS couldn’t find it. On second thought, I don’t want to go there. Forget I asked.


  3. I remember the good ‘ol days when Rush was a great rock band and/or what you got from a good bong hit!


  4. Lest you think I’ve foresaken you, the anonymous post above is mine. I have no idea why it posted as anonymous.


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