I do not heart Maureen Dowd

But every once in a while she turns an especially good phrase. In a column this week, she describes our overlords and the city on a hill as:

. . . .a shrieking, destructive, primal, feudal, apocalyptic, wasteland of partisan banshees . . .

I would add ‘tribal’. And maybe ‘wholly owned’.

6 responses to “I do not heart Maureen Dowd

  1. …and Koch Brothers inspiration


  2. I agree. When she’s on, she’s on. And when she’s on, no one strings together invectives better than Dowd.


  3. Hey, if she is going to compare tea-party folks to the aliens from the movie Alien she at least needs to get her biology straight. Aliens are organic, silicon based life forms not metallic ‘beasts’. She has probably never even seen the movie.


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