We are mock worthy. Indeed we are.

From Medical Transcription, via Andrew Sullivan. The best part:

The U.S. spends roughly $400 billion on paperwork and other administrative costs per year. This is enough to completely fund health care reform in 2011.

Read on if you dare . . .

8 responses to “We are mock worthy. Indeed we are.

  1. You ever watch what nurses do in hospitals these days?

    Everytime they blink…..
    They have to write it down on a piece of paper….
    You can blame some of this on lawyers and people who sue…..sue…sue…


  2. The nurses may write it down, but I heard a doctor on NPR say recently that he never read anything the nurses write. Heck, they could at least let the poor patient see it!


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  4. Nurses in hospitals spend more time in front of the computer than at patient’s bedside. What ARE they inputting…


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