The poor: WWJD?

Megapastor and Christian spokesman for US of A Christians, Rick Warren, has spoken with his lord and has the answer.

So sayeth the Lord

Let’s go get ’em! Lazy scum.

16 responses to “The poor: WWJD?

  1. Huh?


  2. That’s not the way I heard it. The way I heard it was JC said that what Dad told Brother Warren was, “Removeth thine head from thine anal orifice, and hence go forth unto the land with thy tongue stilled.”

    I swear that’s what I heard.


    • Hi Tampa – nice to see you. I’ve been over to your place a few times and look forward to some onsite ‘color’ when the GOP gathers next year for the convention!

      Also, πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. Maybe good old Rick should take some time to read my favorite Bible quote from the Book of Matthew:

    “What you do to the least, you do to me.”


  4. Let’s go get β€˜em! Lazy scum.

    Right. So, if you were to close your eyes and consider building a nation, it would occur to you that fully half of the people in that nation should, as in “capital O Ought” not pay into the state for any service. Rather, the other half of the country should?

    Or do you suppose the ration should be higher? You think that maybe we need to slide that number up from 50% to, say, 60% or maybe higher?

    In other words, fuck the poor.

    Now mo, really.

    Do you think it was because my parents hated me that they denied me the funds while I was going to college? My phone was cut off and the electricity was next. Was it because they felt they didn’t need to help out? Or maybe, just maybe, do you think they were doing it for other “grow the fuck up” kinda reasons?

    Maybe good old Rick should take some time to read my favorite Bible quote from the Book of Matthew:

    Right. The Bible says a lot of things. And no one disputes that the well off should care for the poor. What it doesn’t say is that an immense population of people should be able to live of the largess of another population.

    Both the Left and the Right feel the wealthy should care for the less lucky. The Right think this should be accomplished through personal accountability by charity, churches, lodges and the community. The Left thinks this should be done through coercion by the State with threat of gun or sword.

    Fifty percent. Jeez.


    • pino, bruce below is correct. That 50% number applies only to Federal income taxes. When you consider falling wage levels, more people out of work, deductibles which bring people down to the refund level (higher because the tremendous growth in home ownership over the last 30 years), an aging demograhic – it’s not a bit surprising. Meanwhile, that 50% does indeed pay taxes. Just not that particular one.


  5. If nothing else, I think the statement is factually incorrect. Once you include sales taxes, social security taxes, and other taxes, I’m pretty sure a substantial majority pay taxes. Around 50% likely didn’t pay US income tax in 2010 I suspect, especially since many folks are earning little these days.


  6. While technically correct, everyone pays taxes, the context is clearly that of the Federal Level. Obama has no input into property taxes, sales taxes and other such levies. Further, I think the statement is incorrect in that some smaller % pay no taxes while the larger number, 51%, receive more money FROM the government than they pay INTO the government.

    So yes, if we are discussing taxes in totality, that number has to change.


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  9. shortbuswonderkid

    Wel considering Rick Warren doesn’t pay taxes since churches aren’t taxed in the USA, Rick Warren should just STFU.


    • Yeah, good luck with that America! I think these guys are all ‘bread and circuses’ while the wealth behind the curtain is robbing us blind.


  10. I’m pretty sure that pastors do pay income taxes, thought their churches do not. Correct me if I’m wrong.


    • Your’re right bruce. I’m sure Warren pays personal income tax. I’m pretty sure shortbus meant that his organization, his church, his tv productions etc, don’t pay taxes. It’s all under the corporate umbrella of hte church.


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