Sorry, no check today. Go back and try again..

Suppose the day actually comes when the US Treasury must begin making daily decisions about what bills to pay today. Should the members of the Congress and Senate, whose job it was to act in the best interests of the country and failed at that job expect paychecks?

Nah. Penalize them. No paychecks till they’ve put things right.


14 responses to “Sorry, no check today. Go back and try again..

  1. We should have stopped paying them months ago. They’re not getting anything done and they are jeopardizing the financial future of the country…and quite possibly, the world. Here’s a thought, every elected representative, county, state, federal, should be given an elementary financial course so they don’t f–k up. If they don’t pass…they don’t get in.


  2. Too bad the Dem controlled Senate voted down a debt ceiling increase last week. I guess they will hold those checks hostage until they get what they want, too damn with what the people want.


    • Wasn’t that the one with the balanced budget amendment? The House never meant it to pass – that was for cover with the base.


      • “The House never meant it to pass”. Didn’t know you could read minds, nice talent to have I guess. Must not work all that good if you keep voting DNC 🙂

        The fact is that the house, with bi-patisian support, passed a raise of the debt ceiling. The DNC is the ones controlling the Senate that voted against raising the ceiling.

        If they didn’t like the house bill why didn’t they have their own to pass in response?


        • No need to read minds, just read the writings of Republican intelligentia.

          The Senate dod mpt submit a bill because they can’t. Budget/spending iblls have to originate in the House and then the Senate approves or doesn’t or they meet and negotiate.

          The House knowingly wasted time on that bill. The Senate told them even before they submitted the bill that they wouldn’t vote on anything that contained a balanced budget constitutional amendment. So when the House submitted it anyway, they were wasting time.


          • Ya, the Dems are sticking to their dogma and holding up a debt ceiling rise and like a good party member you espouse their propaganda about the republicans wasting time by passing a rise in the debt ceiling. Can’t wait for the lame street media to start calling the Dems the “Party of No.” (of course the DNC campaign media arm will never do that).

            Democrat bumper sticker: “Circular reasoning works because circular reasoning works because…”


          • Big time type in my last comment:
            “The Seante didn’t submit a bill because they can’t.”


          • Actrually mccoville, I like that bumper sticker. Could apply it to almost anything these days.


  3. I do believe the President does NOT have the right to stop paying Congress and the Courts…..

    Seperation of power’s thing?


    • Well james, we’d have to default on something – some obligations will not be paid. Who else but the Treasury can make that deicsion? Or is it constitutional?


  4. My gut agrees with the no pay for the congress. I think I’d include the President too.


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