Idiot sighting

“My daughter and I went through the McDonald’s take-out. I gave the clerk a $5.00 bill and since our bill was $4.25, I also handed her a quarter. She said ‘you gave me too much money’. I said ‘yes, but now you can just give me a dollar bill back’. She signed and went to her manager who asked me to repeat the request. I did so and he handed me back the quarter and said “we’re sorry but we don’t do that sort of thing’. The clerk then proceeded to give me back $1 and 75 cents in change. “

(from one of those normally irritating mass emails, a few of which I occasionally open.)

6 responses to “Idiot sighting

  1. People who work at the fast food joints, aren’t exactly brain surgeons.


  2. I meant to say some of them.


  3. People are hired to NOT think these days……


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  5. The thing is, most of these kids are either in high school or recent graduates.


  6. We clearly do not pay our teachers enough .


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