Afghanistan, cost of war and money to the Taliban

It’s been way too long since I posted an Afghanistan update, something I used to do frequently. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been there so long now that it’s receding into a background noise. The news media barely mentions Afghanistan any more unless more than a few Americans are killed.  (As for Iraq, it’s not mentioned at all.)

But I did continue my Afghanistan calendar and can tell you that today is the 292nd day of the tenth year of the war. That’s 73 days short of the 11th year. And we’ve spent almost $500 billion there. Add in Bush’s war, Iraq, and we’ve spent $1.3 trillion.

Here’s a little something from the Washington Post this morning – breaking news: we’re wasting money in Afghanistan and bunches of it are going to arm Taliban fighters:

. . . money was traced from the U.S. Treasury through a labyrinth of subcontractors and power brokers. In one, investigators followed a $7.4 million payment to one of the eight companies, which in turn paid a subcontractor, who hired other subcontractors to supply trucks.

The trucking subcontractors then made deposits into an Afghan National Police commander’s account, already swollen with payments from other subcontractors, in exchange for guarantees of safe passage for the convoys. Intelligence officials traced $3.3 million, withdrawn in 27 transactions from the commander’s account, that was transferred to insurgents in the form of weapons, explosives and cash.

So it’s okay I guess.

7 responses to “Afghanistan, cost of war and money to the Taliban

  1. It would be great if we could get Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and all the others that were for this war, to start making them pay back the money that has been wasted over there.


  2. Why should Karzai be the only person paying these guys off?

    Listen if the money saves some lives it’s cheap, righjt?


    • But james, as noble as that might be we’re not there to save lives. If in fact that is the result of corruption.

      Afghanistan has always been a very corrupt place so it’s really no surprise. That’s the way they do business. But it shouldn’t be the way we do business.


  3. If you have a choice between paying them or sending some soldiers home in a box….What do you do?

    That’s the issue some Army Colonels face..
    They have chosen saving lives on some occasions….


    • Choices in theatre? I agree, no colonel would choose otherwise.

      My criticism is for higher levels of government – the Admn, the Pentagon, the Congress – they are the ones who’ve lost control of the ‘big picture’. In fairness, it a terrible rock/hard place dilemna with Pakistan and all, but still . . .


  4. We saw this very thing happen in VietNam.
    Bush/Cheney either didn’t know the past or didn’t care.
    Their buddies got rich, thats what mattered.
    WMD my ass.


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