Can’t we all just get along?

I’m losing faith in the ‘Obama plays a long game’ theory. (h/t mac who brought this up today )

Gotta admit though, the Pentagon is about to deep-six DADT and that didn’t happen by executive order. Obama suffered the slings and arrows that descended on him when he didn’t just do it on January 21, 2009. He allowed the process to work until the support was broader. I suppose that’s that is playing  a long game.

Anyway, Tom Tomorrow nails it –  this is how Democrats see things today – click to enlarge.

7 responses to “Can’t we all just get along?

  1. This was all posturing and bullshit, by everyone. Why are they even talking about Social Security? The said it was solvent through 2037. Also, SS is a separate tax, that has nothing to do with the budget.
    As for Cantor, he has to be the biggest Washington’s biggest asshole.


    • Exactly – SS has never been part of this problem. Medicare, yes, but SS no!

      And the Medicare problem is as much a result of our entire health care broken system as it is of Demographics.

      (I predict Cantor’s 15 minutes are over.)


  2. Sigh.

    What kind of idiots sign pledges about what they are going to do or not do (raise taxes) before they can even know what the situation is? They are beyond awful. . . and Eric Cantor is the worst of all.


    • marylee – signing those pledges means they’re afriad of their own voters because 20 years ago GHW Bush lost an election. Scared and stupid.


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