‘The fighting mice’ – good one.

Please sir?

John Caruso at A Tiny Revolution is not impressed by the liberal threats against Obama. (Tracks nicely with one of my own favorite themes – the inept articulation and failure by the Democrats to deliver a message.

You’ve got to love the first three words of this article title:”Don’t You Dare: Obama Peddles Worst of GOP Thinking on Medicare”. Don’t you dare…or what, exactly? What’s the credible threat from Democrat-voting liberals that’s supposed to make Obama think twice about “peddling the worst of GOP thinking”?

Don’t you dare, or ___:

  • we’ll vote for you again—but with slightly less enthusiasm!
  • we’ll think about running a primary challenge against you! Not that we will, of course, but don’t you imagine for a second we won’t think about it.
  • we’ll publish even more articles telling you not to dare!
  • grrrrrrrrrr. See how mad we are? Grr!

The fightin’ mice of the 122nd Democratic regulars, ladies and gentlemen, girding themselves for yet another round of menacing squeaks.

STICKERLESS: Thanks to commenter Chatham for pointing out the futility of pitting satire against liberal reality, via this Tom Hayden quote: “I’ll support Obama down the road against Sarah Palin, Lou Dobbs or any of the pitchfork carriers for the pre-Obama era. But no bumper sticker until the withdrawal strategy is fully carried out.”

That’ll show ‘im alright!

3 responses to “‘The fighting mice’ – good one.

  1. He’ll be waiting forever for the sticker!

    The US will have troops in the Middle East and Africa for a long….long time…!


  2. President Obama will do the best he can….

    And in the end you’ll have to either vote for him and hope….
    Take your chances with the likes of Romney if you’re lucky….

    The other knuckleheads…..


  3. Indeed james, we’ll be in the Middle East forever. The US ’embassy’ in Baghdad is city sized.


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