NBC did a Sunday funny

The ego of the pundit (and producer) knows no bounds. On Meet the Press today, Gregory called his round table discussion (which was actually quite good) a Jobs Summit. Really.

Just like Nixon/Mao. Just like Reagan/Gorbachev. You know, a summit.

8 responses to “NBC did a Sunday funny

  1. It’s getting to his head i think.. stuff like Newt collapsing on his show.. and he’s a bit too often referring to his own conversations with different politicians as the main thing – how it really was/is.

    But he’s a good moderator.


  2. Is it just me, or is David Gregory like that buffoon of a boss we all have at some point in our lives, who reilies entirely on the hard work of his/her underlings to make him/her shine, rather than their own talents or hard work? The same sort of boss always claims credit for successes, and deflects blame for all failures to those same subordinates.

    I don’t know.

    I cannot explain why I get this feeling from David G., but I do, nonetheless.


    • It’s not just you Sean. I’d say Gregory belongs to the “legend in his own mind’ set. Which of course requires one to spend a bit of time tending to ‘the image’.

      That being said, and as I said in the post, that was an intersting panel and discussion today. One reason was that it wasn’t the usual tired line up of pundits – there were smart fresh faces. It was lively.


  3. I agree. I watched it shortly after I read your post. The CEO of Honeywell was an interesting addition. A very relevant choice, but I never recall seeing the CEO of a massive multinational corporation on the show.


    • I’ve seen that sort of guest before, but mostly it’s same old same old. ABC had Cokie Roberts and George Will on the panel. I’m thinking that 25 years is long enough. I already know what they’re going to say before they utter a word; hell, at this point, I think I even know their bathroom habits.


  4. Yeah… summit is a little too much… maybe a job bump…?


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