Palin movie opens to empty house in, gasp, Orange County!

Petty of me, I know, but who can resist repeating this news? We may fervently hope it signals the end of the Palin road show. Conor Freidersdorf of The Atlantic Monthly went to the AMC in Orange (one of ten ‘select’ theatres around the country chosen for the opening of “The Undefeated”, the Palin biopic).  And there was no one there. No one.

It’s odd, because who would want to miss this?

12 responses to “Palin movie opens to empty house in, gasp, Orange County!

  1. When she had her first viewing in Iowa, the theater had a lot of empty seats. She is more or less toast, and her 15 minutes of fame are over with.
    The only cheerleader she has left, is asshole Hannity on Fox, and Gretchen.


  2. That’s okay. She’s made millions off the right-wing sheep, and she’ll continue to cash in on her undeserved fame.


    • Too true Ben. It’s always been about the money for her and she’ll have a life long cadre of adoring groupies. And she knows they can be counted on to pony up the bucks for the ‘product’.


  3. I saw that over a Pwire…..
    She’s gotta decide if she’s gonna just be a media icon or try to be a national politician……

    Me…. I’d stick with the first one….
    She’s making a boatload of money….


  4. And I don’t agree that her moment of fame and celebrity is over…
    Far from it…..


    • I agree that her political moment is over james – but might empty movie houses mean low TV ratings? If she’s not drawing an audience, the cable nets will finally drop her as newsworthy. (In any case, they are currently amusing themselves with Bachman)


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  6. Shoot…..Take the MONEY GIRL!


  7. When the “rockstar” came to Madison her followers were outnumbered by at least 5 to 1, though the clever way the stage was fenced off and press was boxed in you would have thought the opposite. I had hoped to talk to some of her supporters after her brief speech, but they evaporated so quickly there wasn’t time. Yup, I think the writing is on the wall for all but the most diehard fans.


    • Welcome Pogge – you’re right, her day in the sun may be over. Now her offspring, Bristol, is busy creating a career as a celebrity and of ocurse our celebrity obsessed culture will fall for it.


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