Digby on Mark Halperin and the village

A week or so back, John Amato at Crooks and Liars  added some commentary to the “OMG Halperin called the president a dick!!!” nonsense, (it was the story of the day either before or after Anthony Weiner’s underwear took over). Halperin has done much worse.

Amato brought us some words from Digby. Reflecting on the self-absorbed, incestuous Washington press corps (which she calls the ‘Village’, as coined by either Atrios or The Daily Howler) – who too often miss the real story – she lays a little vocabulary on them.

This really is nonsense. It’s not the word “dick” that’s the problem, fergawdsake. It’s not pictures of dicks either. It’s that these people have contrived this absurd set of shallow manners in which saying dick or taking a picture of a dick is wrong while lying, manipulating and cavalierly risking the country’s future (which is what Obama was allegedly being a dick about!) is considered perfectly acceptable.

It’s the perfect manifestation of the Village. A bunch of decadent aristocrats pretending to be virgins and nuns, moralizing over trivia as a “lesson” for the rubes, all the while indulging in a debauched orgy of power and privilege.

And Mark Halperin is the poster boy.

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