Earth to D.C., earth to D.C., earth to .. .

Bruce Bartlett:

It appears that Republicans have walked away from a historic opportunity to reduce the deficit because of their obsessive insistence that not one penny come from higher revenues. Recent polls, however, suggest that the American people are not so obstinate and are more than willing to accept some increase in taxes to reduce the deficit. There is a high degree of consistency in every poll I could find on this topic.
His supporting graphic is not transferable, so you’ll have to go there to see it. He lists 11 polls, mostly from the last three months. On average, 65% of the people said we need to address deficit with a mix of taxes and cuts. An average of 29% said spending cuts alone.
Still doing the people’s business alright.

6 responses to “Earth to D.C., earth to D.C., earth to .. .

  1. I think guys like Rubio really believes in all the lies about tax cuts. Even as business-leaders admit publicly it means nothing for cost or hiring, and jobs. Nothing.
    The old-timers like mcconnell and boehner just lie with a straight face – but the younger congresspeople can’t tell the difference, and balk at the idea they have been decieved for years.

    Cantor is pulling Bibi’s all the time – blaming hardcore elements in his group, out of his control. And probably feels powerful in the midst of things.

    And gop, which in practice is straight fascist now, not moderate, not even conservative – but straight delusional fascist – represent only 1% of the population. So if 29% agree – hooray for them.

    And I’m starting to suspect it’ll be a huge drop on wall street early next week. All depending on the news of course. But if I’ve had a million bucks in bonds or stocks – I would run away very soon. These moneyfolks have very frail nerves u know… on certain matters.


    • We are indeed living in a corporate state, tolerated by too many Dems, but absolutely embraced by the GOP. They say stuff, do stuff and even put stuff in their platforms that would have been unthinkable even in Reagan’s day. Eliminationist rhetoric is now okay. Fascist indeed and entirely disinterested in the good of the nation.


  2. This theatre is REALLY Saturday night at the Aamatuer hour…

    The GOPer’s are fighting amoung themselves…
    Cantor is the point guy for the GOPer’s…
    Not Boehner….

    Really …
    Obama should take them ALL up to Camp Davis except for Cantor and get a deal done….
    If Cantor and his crew balks then they go ahead anyway and lay everyone off…stop issuing checks and explain to the American people that Cantor and 9 o other Hous emebers are screwing 300 million Americans!


  3. I grow increasingly nervous about the deficit battle, because no realistic solutions seem to be emerging from it. We elect politicians and pay their salaries with our tax dollars, and we get THIS!?


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